Is it okay to break the pebbles with a heavy hammer? What is the effect of hammering pebbles?

How hard is the cobblestone? Undoubtedly, it is "hard". As long as someone consults the cobblestone sand production line for decades, all manufacturers will inevitably recommend the "jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact sand making machine", which is the standard cobblestone sand making plan .Then with the birth of the heavy hammer, many customers have become selfish. The heavy hammer can realize "one-time molding" of crushed materials. One device can support two, which can directly save users more than 40% of the equipment cost. Who can Resist the temptation? The question in the title appeared, this article will answer you in detail.

1. Is it okay to break the pebbles with a heavy hammer?

A customer asked if I can break the pebbles with a heavy hammer? Of course, it depends on what price you have to pay...
The pebbles have high hardness, and the heavy hammer can only be used to produce materials with a compressive strength of less than 200 MPa due to the design of the hammer head and the grate bar. This will not cause damage to the equipment and extend the service life by more than 80%. If you want to break the pebbles with a heavy hammer, you need to meet three conditions:
1. Cobblestone materials ≤210mm or less:
The raw materials of the pebbles can be large or small. If you want to use a heavy hammer to break, the pebbles must be less than 210mm or less. When the material is small enough, the damage to the equipment will be less when it enters the heavy hammer. The motor power of the small type of heavy hammer is 132KW. , It can easily meet the resistance brought by the above hardness crushing. If the material is large, it can be coarsely crushed with a jaw crusher, and the output can reach about 5mm;
2. Short construction period of cobblestone project:
Although it is possible to use jaw breaking + heavy hammer to break the pebbles, it is ultimately harmful to the heavy hammer. In order to use the equipment for a long time, the construction period of the cobblestone project cannot exceed half a year, which means that the equipment can only be guaranteed for short-term projects. Little damage, good shape of the finished product;
3. Customized hammer head and plate hammer:
If you want to have a long production time and crush large pieces of material, you can directly customize the hammer and plate hammer for heavy hammer breaking, using super wear-resistant material "high manganese steel". Although the cost of customizing accessories is high, it can improve production efficiency. Meet the goal of hitting pebbles.

2. What is the effect of hammering pebbles?

Cobblestone sand making is generally required to produce finished products of various specifications such as 05/12/13/24/46. Using heavy hammers to break the cobblestones, can the output achieve the desired effect? Let's take a look at how the heavy hammer breaks.
Shattering process:
When the pebbles enter the impact area of the blow hammer, they are broken by the high-speed impact of the blow hammer, and are thrown to the hammer head installed above the rotor to break again, and then bounce back from the blow hammer to the effect area to be broken again. This process Repeat until the material is crushed to the required size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. Of course, you can also adjust the gap between the rotor and the hammer to achieve the purpose of changing the size and shape of the material.
Broken effect:
The effect of heavy hammer breaking the pebbles is very good, the output is cubic, the particles are sharp and angular, and the fine sand produced is continuous in gradation, which fully meets the national sand and gravel use requirements, and is no worse than professional sand making equipment.