Disassembly of broken head screw and thread assembly of crusher

The disassembly process of the broken head screw of the crusher requires certain skills. The following red star introduces several methods to you:
1. Yi Qiao method: simpler. For larger diameter screws, use a flat chisel along the outer edge with appropriate force and slowly remove them.
2. The method of driving in a multi-sided steel cone: After drilling a hole on the section, directly drive in a multi-sided (such as four-sided) steel cone, and then unscrew the broken screw with a wrench.
3. Welding nut method: Weld a nut on the exposed broken end, and then unscrew the screw.
4. Section saw groove method: saw a notch on the exposed broken section, and then screw it out with a screwdriver.
5. Drilling method: Use a drill bit smaller than the inner diameter of the broken screw thread to drill off the screw.
6. Screw in the reverse thread screw method: Drill a hole of appropriate size on the fracture section of the broken screw. Then tap the reverse thread, screw in the reverse thread screw, and then force it in the direction of disassembly of the broken screw.
When assembling the threaded connection, the key points are the same as the disassembly except for the selection and use of a wrench. The following points should also be noted: The threaded connection must be carefully checked. Its content includes thread specification, length, material, and processing accuracy should meet the requirements. The quality of the thread fit should be good, can be screwed freely, but not loose. Whether the bolt head is correct; whether the thread is damaged, whether the screw is bent or deformed, whether there is any crack. The contact between the bolt head and the connected parts should be stable and firm, especially the kiln in the cement plant. Whether the surface of the liner-like workpieces cast during grinding without cutting is smooth, and whether the surface of the elliptical cone countersunk pit is smooth.
The common method of assembling stud bolts is to first screw two nuts on the bolts and use a wrench to press the two nuts against each other. After screwing one end of the bolt into the threaded hole, pull a nut on the upper (outer) surface to tighten it on the body. Another assembly method is to use a special thick hexagonal nut to screw on the stud bolt. Then tighten the stop screw, and then use a wrench to tighten the special nut to tighten the stud bolt on the body.