Which is more suitable for crushing wet materials, impact crusher or impact crusher

Due to the diversity of materials, wet materials may be crushed when using the crusher, but due to the relatively high viscosity of the wet materials themselves, many crushing equipment are not suitable. After research, it is found that the crusher using impact energy is suitable for crushing wet materials. Both impact crusher and impact crusher adopt impact energy crushing, so can they both adapt to wet materials?

Impact Crusher

Taking limestone as an example, the material is wet, the requirements for the structure of the crusher cavity are relatively open, and the requirements for the discharge capacity of the crusher are also relatively high. This aspect is completely consistent with the structure and design characteristics of the impact crusher. When crushing, the impact crusher has unique advantages compared with other crushers. The large cavity, impact crushing, and seamless connection ensure that it can still work smoothly under the condition of high material humidity. However, due to the small crushing cavity of the impact crusher, the impact crusher is more suitable for crushing wet materials.