How much is the price of a large mine crusher?

Large-scale mine crushers are mostly large materials, such as bluestone, granite, limestone, basalt, iron ore, etc., which are larger than 500mm, and are coarsely crushed, medium crushed, and finely crushed by a large mine crusher to make 05/ 12/13/24/46, etc. There are many kinds of stones and sand. As the saying goes, there are specialties in the surgical industry. Naturally, there are different types of large-scale mine crushers. So how much does this equipment cost? What are the types? How to choose? This article takes you to learn more.

1. Picture and model recommendation of large mine crusher

Generally speaking, there are jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, and heavy hammer crushers that can be called large-scale crushers. The following are different types of recommended models and usage details:

Jaw crusher:

Recommended models: PE900*1200, PE1000*1200, PE1200*1500
Production capacity: 220-800t/h
Applicable materials: more than 200 kinds of mining materials such as granite, basalt, bluestone, iron ore, etc.
Large mine crushers play the role of coarse crushing. The above recommended models are only the relatively large ones. There are as many as 11 of the feed size greater than 500mm. The jaw crusher has a large feed port and a uniform discharge port. The thick steel plate welds the frame to avoid casting defects, the crushing cavity is deep and there is no dead zone, and the crushing ratio is large.

Cone crusher:
Recommended models: SC315, SC560, HXHP800
Production capacity: 177-2020t/h
Applicable materials: various high hardness materials such as granite, basalt, ores
The common types of large-scale mine crushers for cone crushers include single-cylinder cone crushers and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. The feed inlet can exceed 300mm and is used for the second-stage medium crushing. The laminated crushing technology is adopted. The shape is small, the discharge is uniform, and the constant cavity design extends the service life of the liner by more than 40%.

Impact Crusher:

Recommended models: PF1315, PF1320, PF1520, PF1820
Production capacity: 100-800t/h
Applicable materials: limestone, rock, slag, bentonite and other materials with compressive strength below 350 MPa
The most common type of large-scale mine crusher is the impact crusher. The traditional crushing method has a certain shaping function. The gap between the liner and the hammer is used to automatically control the discharging. It has strong mobility and the content of the finished stone powder can be controlled within Below 3%, suitable for large materials, high chromium steel hammer, impact resistance and wear resistance.

Heavy hammer crusher:

Recommended models: PCZ1615, PCZ1716, PCZ1720, PCZ1920, PCZ2225
Production capacity: 280-3000t/h
Applicable materials: limestone, gypsum and other medium-low hardness, brittle materials
At present, the new type of large-scale mine crusher equipment, the heavy hammer crusher is an upgraded version of the small hammer crusher, with a large feed inlet, up to 600-1000mm, which is comparable to a jaw crusher. The equipment has a one-time molding production effect without Secondary processing, the finished product has high neatness and good grain shape. One equipment can support three sets (coarse, medium, and fine), which can directly reduce equipment costs by more than 40%.

2. How much is the price of large mine crusher?

This is a consultation frequently heard by customer service, so here is to tell you that large mine crushers are basically more than two or three million, because of the high output and large volume, so how much is it? Following the market rules, the article cannot give a quotation, but you can click the free online quotation. The manufacturer's 24-hour customer service will answer you at any time, and provide a variety of large-scale mine crusher types and models.