The use of jaw crusher in limestone

【Jaw Crusher】-Use of Jaw Crusher in Limestone
The jaw crusher is commonly known as the jaw crusher, also known as the tiger mouth. The crushing cavity is composed of two jaw plates, a movable jaw and a static jaw, which simulates the movement of the animal's jaws to complete the material crushing operation.
It is widely used in the medium-size crushing of various ores and bulk materials in the mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. The higher compressive strength of the crushed material is 320Mpa.

The jaw crusher is widely used, and there are many types of materials that can be crushed. But what are the advantages of using a jaw crusher to crush limestone?
After trial and research on various crushers, it is found that the jaw crusher has the following remarkable characteristics in crushing limestone:
1. Since the production capacity of the jaw crusher is between 600-800t/h, which is 25-40 times the capacity of the limestone crusher, it solves the problem of high operating rate and no maintenance time caused by the low output of the original limestone crusher. .
2. It can complete the crushing of large pieces of limestone. The larger crushing particle size is 1000×1200mm, which solves the original problem that the supply of limestone on one side is tight, and the large amount of large limestone cannot be stored on the other side.
3. The particle size of the finished product is small, only 2~15mm, which solves the problem of the large size of the original limestone, which often blocks the flow and even affects the output of the mill.
4. The mixing uniformity of the two materials is good, and the mixing amount of desulfurized limestone is greatly increased. The current blending amount can reach 60%, reducing the cost of raw materials.
5. Power consumption has decreased. The electricity consumption of 1 ton of limestone is reduced by 1-2KWh/t, which can save 100,000 yuan in electricity bills every year.
6. The labor intensity and working environment of workers have been changed. Due to the high degree of automation of the limestone crusher, manual contact with materials is not required, and the working conditions of the workers are greatly changed.
The PE series jaw crusher is divided into two types: coarse crushing and fine crushing. The main application scope of PE and PEX series jaw crushers is a large-scale compound pendulum type, which is widely used in mining, smelting, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries, etc. Many industries handle coarse or medium crushing operations of various ores and rocks with large particle size and compressive strength not exceeding 320Mpa. The feed size is 125mm~1020mm, which is the equipment required for primary crushing.