How to extend the service life of impact crusher in stone crushing

[Impact crusher]-How to extend the service life of impact crusher in stone crushing
The impact crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining and other industries. It is a new type of high-efficiency crusher mechanical equipment and has a selective crushing effect on the crushed materials. In the production process of production line crushing, the service life of the impact crusher will be affected by the situation. The service life of the impact crusher is not only related to the quality of the equipment, but is more closely related to daily maintenance, correct operation, and standardized production. Therefore, to ensure the life of the impact crusher, we must grasp many details in our production.
In common sense, we know that the crusher equipment should be used frequently and should not be left idle for a long time to avoid unnecessary loss of the crusher due to corrosion, just like the TV cannot be placed for a long time to avoid moisture. In addition, the impact crusher cannot be overloaded, and it should be stopped for dozens of hours of production and checked to ensure that the screws on the equipment are not loose, thereby reducing friction or impact damage caused by vibration.

The impact crusher is a commonly used equipment in the production of stone materials, which uses high impact energy to crush materials. Also pay attention to during the production process:
1. After each production, it is necessary to clear the warehouse in time, clean up the broken residues or all the unbroken materials in the crushing cavity to ensure the smooth progress of the next production;
2. Regularly check whether the screws fixing the machine are loose. If they are loose, reinforce them in time to prevent losses or accidents caused by excessive vibration during production;
3. Regularly check the wear and tear of the hammer head and liner of the impact crusher, reverse the hammer head surface or replace with a new hammer head in time to ensure the efficient operation of the impact crusher and reduce the wear of other parts;
4. Make a record of the production process, and timely report the problems that occur, such as strange noises, excessive vibrations, etc., in order to deal with them in time;
5. Regularly check the bearings to ensure the quality of the lubricating oil, and replace them if they do not meet the standards.