The advantages of superfine crusher equipment compared with roller press

[Fine crusher equipment]-The advantages of ultra-fine crusher equipment compared with roller presses
Although the equipment demand market in the cement industry is nearly saturated, the requirements for equipment are constantly increasing. In this process, the ultra-fine crusher has become a cement crusher at this stage due to its outstanding performance in the transformation of the old line and the energy saving of the new line The "potential stock" of the industry, let me ask, who is the "superfine crusher" for the pre-crushing of cement clinker before grinding?
The ultra-fine crusher, also known as the hammer mill, is the research, practice and summary of fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing equipment, combined with the characteristics of similar equipment in Germany, the ultra-fine crushing equipment, using the structure of the hammer crusher to achieve ultra-fine crushing, and then achieve a good A kind of high-efficiency pre-grinding equipment for grinding effect. It has been successfully used in many cement and mining enterprises. For example, in the crushing of limestone clinker, the output particle size can be lower than 1mm to 65%, and the output of ball mill can be increased by 40%. It is an ideal pre-grinding equipment for cement and mining industries. .
The ultra-fine crusher equipment is currently a suitable equipment to replace the roller press on the market. It has long been used in cement clinker grinding and ultra-fine crushing operation circuits. It is used before the ball mill to complete the ultra-fine crushing operation. The mill technology basically reaches the roller The grinding requirements of the press have greatly reduced the cost, which greatly improves the efficiency and investment cost of the ball mill.

Compared with similar products (roller press), the advantages of superfine crusher equipment are:
Investment comparison: The investment is 10-15% of the roller press;
Cost comparison: maintenance costs are lower than roller presses;
Output comparison: The output of the mill is increased by 40% by using the ultra-fine crusher (hammer mill) compared to the production line with the same equipment configuration without the ultra-fine crusher and hammer mill;
Power consumption comparison: the comprehensive power consumption of the mill is 2 to 3 degrees lower than that of the roller press system;
Wear comparison: Different hammer heads specially developed for ultra-fine crushers (hammer mills), using composite materials with high hardness and high toughness, can meet the requirements of sturdiness and practicality at high speeds;
Sieve plate comparison: The full-screening sieve plate structure design doubles the discharge area of ​​the same grate slot with the traditional sieve plate;
The main benefits of hammer mills to users:
Rugged and practical parts with long service life, no need to adjust the crusher for replacement, easy maintenance;
Easy maintenance, reliable performance, simple process layout, and less floor space;
The investment is much lower than the roller press but it can achieve the same grinding effect as the roller press;
The maintenance cost is much lower than the roller press and other similar products.