Maintenance and planned overhaul of jaw crusher in daily crushing production process

【Jaw Crusher】-Maintenance and planned overhaul of the jaw crusher in the daily crushing production process
In the operation of the jaw crusher, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent maintenance and overhaul. In the crushing workshop, the working conditions of the jaw crusher are very bad, and the problem of equipment wear is inevitable. However, the excessive wear and tear of jaw crusher parts, or even breakage, are often caused by improper operation and improper maintenance. Therefore, correct operation and careful maintenance (regular maintenance) are important ways to extend the service life of the jaw crusher and increase the operation rate of the jaw crusher. In daily maintenance work, the operator must be able to correctly judge the equipment failure of the jaw crusher, accurately analyze the cause, and quickly take the elimination method.
Daily maintenance of jaw crusher
In addition to correct operation, whether the jaw crusher equipment can always be kept in good condition, one depends on maintenance, and the other depends on overhaul, and the maintenance of the jaw crusher equipment is the basis of equipment repair. Jaw crusher equipment must be well maintained and inspected during use, and the wear cycle of its parts must be grasped in order to detect the defects of the jaw crusher equipment parts as soon as possible, and repair and replace in time, so that the equipment will not reach the level of repair. And the point of scrap. Therefore, the timely repair of jaw crusher equipment is an important link to ensure normal production.
Jaw crusher equipment parts that work under corresponding conditions usually have corresponding laws in their wear and tear. After working for a period of time, they need to be repaired or replaced. This time interval is called the wear cycle of the parts (or called the parts Period of use).

Planned maintenance of jaw crusher
According to the length of the easy-wear cycle, the jaw crusher equipment must be planned for maintenance. The planned overhaul can be divided into minor overhaul, medium overhaul and overhaul. (1) Minor repairs. It is the main repair method for equipment in the crushing workshop, that is, the daily maintenance and repair work of the jaw crusher equipment. During minor repairs, it is mainly to check and replace severely worn parts, such as broken gear plates and thrust plate support seats; repair journals, scrape bearings; adjust and tighten bolts; check the lubrication system, replenish the amount of lubricating oil, etc. (2) Medium repair. It was carried out on the basis of minor repairs. According to the inspections and problems found in the minor repairs, a repair plan is made and the items that need replacement parts are determined. During medium repairs, the complete disassembly of the unit is often required, the use of important parts is checked in detail, and the repair and replacement of parts that cannot be solved during minor repairs are solved. (3) Overhaul. All repairs to the jaw crusher. In addition to all work including medium and minor repairs, the overhaul is mainly to disassemble all parts of the machine, conduct a careful and comprehensive inspection, repair and replace all wear parts, and conduct a comprehensive work performance measurement of the overhauled machinery and equipment to meet the original equipment Have the same performance.