Causes of heating of vibrating screen bearings

[Vibrating screen]-Causes of heating of vibrating screen bearings

The temperature rise of the vibrating screen bearing is too large during use, and the bearing is easily damaged. Cause Analysis:
1: If it is a new sieve, it must be a process problem, if it is an old sieve, stiffness, foundation, etc.
2: Lubrication system is a problem
3: The bearing clearance should be selected appropriately
4: Is the bearing manufacturer qualified?
5: Machining accuracy. Due to the lack of domestic machining accuracy, 3 sets of large clearance bearings are used. The use of this type of bearing is at the expense of increased noise.
6: Bearing fit and reasonable selection of bearing fit will affect bearing heating and life.
7: The structure design is unreasonable.
8: The center of gravity error of the sieve is too large
9: Unreasonable lubrication, or too much or too little oil
10: Whether the bearing is installed correctly or not, and whether the tolerance is reasonable or not, is the key to heating