Analyze the force of the crushing machine in the crushing situation

【Crusher】-Analyze the force exerted by the crushing machine under crushing conditions
Any kind of crusher and ore grinding machine is not only one kind of crushing ore. It is usually based on a certain kind of force, combined with other kinds of functions. Therefore, the force applied by the crushing machine to the ore is complicated, in order to facilitate analysis and research. , Often this kind of consideration of the main force, the impact of other kinds of forces only incidental investigation. The force of crushing machinery can be divided into new year, splitting, breaking, abrasion and impact, etc. The force of machinery is different, and the strength of the ore that should be considered is also different. For crushing, the compressive strength of the ore should be considered; for splitting, its tensile strength should be paid attention to; for breaking, the flexural strength of the ore should be noted; when grinding and stripping the ore, its shear resistance should be considered strength. Crushing machinery uses its working parts to repeatedly act on the mine with dynamic loads because it has a certain impact effect. When the ore is impacted, its impact strength should be considered. When learning the working principles of various crushing machines in the future, the force applied to them should be clearly distinguished. For example, when the ore is broken between the tooth plates of the jaw crusher, it is split, and the splitting strength of the ore is about 1.2 times the tensile strength.
Ores are generally composed of a variety of minerals, their physical properties are different, sometimes there are very different, such as coal and pyrite and gangue in the coal, beryl and feldspar in pegmatite granite and many more. When crushing this kind of ores, the situation of various minerals being broken is different, some are broken into coarser particles, and some are broken into finer particles. This phenomenon is called selective fragmentation. The fundamental reason for selective crushing is that the mechanical properties of various minerals in the ore differ greatly, but the performance of the crushing machinery also has an impact. For example, the impact crusher and ball mill are easier to produce selective crushing. Note that this imagination is very important in the beneficiation process. For example, for ore that is easier to muddy with minerals than gangue, the dissociated fractions containing more minerals should be separated first, without waiting to grind all the minerals to the same fineness, which will help reduce the amount of Shattered. The screening method is based on selective fragmentation.

When an object hits another object, the kinetic energy of the former is quickly transformed into the deformation potential energy of the latter, and it is locally concentrated at the impacted place. If the impact velocity is high and the deformation is too late to extend to all of the impacted object, considerable local stress will occur at the impact site, so the destructive effect of the dynamic load should be greater than the static load. If the load exceeds the fatigue limit, the number of repeated impacts is increased, the power consumption is small, the crushing ratio is high and the over crushing is light, and it is easy to fully dissociate in the coarser grain level. The impact crushers and vibrating ball mills that have appeared in recent years all have the characteristics of high-frequency impact.
After understanding the mechanical properties of the ore and the force of the crusher, it is necessary to pay attention to the force method of the crusher to be compatible with the nature of the ore to have a good effect. For brittle ores, bending and splitting are more advantageous. If it is used for grinding, there will be too much fine powder in the product. For ore with more toughness and viscosity, it is more reasonable to crush it by grinding and stripping. Since the mechanical properties of materials are of all kinds, there are many types of crushing machinery. Although only the typical machinery for processing rock and mine will be introduced in the future, coal preparation plants and equipment for crushing certain chemical raw materials are not involved. If you understand that the force of crushing machinery needs to be compatible with the nature of the ore, you can analyze them. Up.