Features and advantages of crawler mobile crushing plant

Crawler mobile crushing station is also called crawler crusher and hydraulically driven crawler mobile crushing station. It is a high-efficiency crushing equipment with self-driving method, high-quality technology and complete functions. This equipment can reach multiple locations in the workplace. This can reduce the handling of materials and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment. Through wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily driven to the trailer and transported to the work site. Because there is no assembly time, the equipment can be put into work as soon as it arrives at the work site. The mobile crushing station has a large crushing ratio. Its optimized design can meet the technical characteristics of the crusher. It has high productivity and uniform particle size of the finished product.
Crawler mobile crushing plants can be divided into four series-cone crusher crawler mobile crushing station, jaw crusher crawler mobile crushing station, counterattack crushing crawler mobile crushing station, screening crawler mobile crushing station.
Features of crawler mobile crushing plant:
1. The crawler-type mobile crushing station has light weight and small size, which is especially suitable for working in narrow places;
2. Convenient transportation, crawler walking, no damage to the road surface, equipped with multifunctional attachments, and a wide range of applications;
3. It integrates material receiving, crushing, conveying and other process equipment. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, and open-pit mining performance. It can be combined with different models to form a powerful The crushing operation line to complete multi-demand processing operations;
4. The whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, which can realize in-situ steering, standard configuration, quick-change device, and safety protection function, especially suitable for narrow and complicated areas;
5. Save fuel, the fuel saving rate is as high as 25%;
6. Random with power group-more optimized design;
7. It can work on slopes to meet the crushing requirements of mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other projects.
In addition, the crawler-type mobile crushing station also has the concept of environmental protection: noise muffler in the mobile crushing station, better noise absorption system, compact and flexible equipment, which can better meet the construction waste crushing operation in urban areas, effective dust removal system, suitable diesel engine noise emission Condition, the release system can remotely control the hydraulic pressure to remove obstacles in the mobile crushing station, and the pre-screening device greatly improves the crushing efficiency.