Troubleshooting of Cone Crusher

Fault 1: The drive shaft rotates unevenly, produces a strong knocking sound or the coupling rotates continuously after knocking, but the broken motor cone does not move
Cause: The teeth of the bevel gear are worn or damaged due to improper installation or excessive axial clearance of the drive shaft during operation, the key of the gear is damaged, and the moving bevel shaft is broken due to falling into non-broken particles;
Treatment method: stop to replace the gear and correct the tooth gap; change the key; change the cone shaft and take iron removal measures;
Fault 2: The crusher produces strong vibration, and the moving cone quickly auto-propagates
Cause: The main shaft is dragged by the tapered liner due to the following reasons: there is no lubricating oil or dust in the oil between the movable chain shaft and the bushing; the movable cone sinks or the spherical surface is damaged; the clearance of the tapered bushing is insufficient;
Treatment method: stop, find out the cause and eliminate;
Fault 3: Vibration when the crusher is working
Causes: insufficient spring pressure; viscous materials fed into the machine; uneven or excessive feeding, insufficient spring rigidity;
Solution: Tighten the compression nut on the spring or change the spring; adjust the feeding situation; change to a more rigid elastic spring;
Fault 4: When the crusher is lifted up, it produces a strong knocking sound and then works normally
Cause: damage to parts caused by non-broken objects falling into the machine;
Treatment method: strengthen iron removal work, install automatic iron detection alarm;
Fault 5: An audible splitting sound is produced during production or idling
Causes: the movable cone or the fixed cone liner is loose; the screw or earring is damaged; the two cone liners are not round and impact;
Treatment method: stop the machine to check the nut or vertebral body condition, remove the adjusting ring and replace the screw or earring; check the roundness of the lining plate, and perform mechanical processing if necessary;
Fault 6: The screw jumps out
Cause: the frame tension screw is damaged;
Treatment method: stop and replace the screws;
Fault 7: Large pieces of material mixed in the product
Cause: the moving cone liner is worn;
Treatment method: lower the fixed cone to reduce the gap;
Fault 8: No water flows into the water seal device
Cause: The water flow of the water sealing device is abnormal;
Treatment method: stop the operation of the crusher, find out the cause of the water supply interruption, and eliminate it;
The hydraulic cone crusher developed by Shanghai Dongmeng has a convenient and reliable hydraulic system, which can provide safe and effective overload protection and effectively reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned failures. At the same time, hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic cavity cleaning settings are adopted to greatly improve the automation of Chengdu, which greatly reduces the time for manual fault handling.