Do granite processing stones hurt the machine? Which machine is good for granite breaking stones?

Granite is a kind of stone with higher hardness. As the demand for machine-made sand increases, granite can also be used for crushing, processing, breaking into stones and sand for infrastructure construction. So do granite processing stones hurt the machine? Which machine is good for granite breaking stones? I believe you also have this concern, come to find out.

Granite has high hardness, so processing stones hurt the machine?

We all know that granite is a high-hardness stone material with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance. The processed stone has good market value and high customer popularity. However, due to its high hardness, the stone machine wears quickly, and the wearing parts need to be replaced frequently, so the investment cost is relatively high, which is also a headache for customers.
In fact, there are many types of granite crushers on the market, and there are suitable crushers for high-hardness stones. You can purchase stone machines with wear-resistant, high-quality, easy-to-replace vulnerable parts. The processing effect of granite is better, and the cost is relatively speaking. Not too high.

Granite crushing equipment recommendation

According to market demand, granite can be processed into different particle sizes, so it is necessary to purchase coarse crushing, fine crushing, and sanding equipment. The recommended common granite crushing equipment are the following:
1. Jaw crusher
The jaw crusher has a large feed inlet, a large crushing ratio, simple structure and convenient maintenance. It mainly processes high-hardness stones.
The equipment is used for the primary crushing effect of granite. The parts are made of high-quality, wear-resistant raw materials, which increase the compression resistance and wear resistance of the equipment. It is easy to handle the high-hardness granite stone, and the later maintenance is convenient and fast.

Jaw crusher

2. Cone crusher
The cone crusher has high output and low failure rate, and can process high-hardness stones, mainly used for medium and fine crushing operations.
Cone crusher is suitable for secondary crushing of granite. With reasonable structure design and deep crushing cavity, the cone crusher can fully crush the material and effectively process granite.

Cone crusher

3. Impact crusher
The impact crusher is also a sand making machine, used as a sand making equipment for granite, and can be processed into finer grained stones, stone powder, sand, etc., to meet more market demands.
After coarse crushing and medium-fine crushing, the granite has a finer grain size. In order to increase the comprehensive value of the market, sand making machine is used to make sand. The finished product has good grain size and shape, and the selling price is high.

Impact crusher