Which equipment is used for 500 cubic stone crusher per day?

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1. What are the types of 500 cubic stone crushers per day?

The daily output is 500 cubic meters, and it runs for 10 hours a day, and the average hour is about 800 tons. This hourly output is already a large-scale crushing production line, and the following types of stone crushers can be met:
Jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, and heavy hammer crushers are all large-scale stone crushers. Of course, each has different crushing performance:

1. Jaw crusher: mainly used for coarse crushing, no matter what hardness stones can be crushed, the crushing ratio is large;
2. Impact crusher: Although it is often used in the second stage of crushing, the impact stone crusher has a large feed inlet, high output, and has a certain shaping function, and the discharge is good;
3. Cone crusher: It is a new generation of stone crusher, which has many types, single-cylinder cone stone crusher, multi-cylinder cone stone crusher, full hydraulic cone stone crusher, and single cylinder discharge needle There are many flakes, the full hydraulic adopts impact crushing, and the grain shape is better;
4. Heavy hammer crusher: Stone crushing can be formed at one time, the feed inlet is less than 1000mm, the discharge is fine, and it can be automatically adjusted. One equipment can be used for three, reducing equipment costs by more than 60%.

2. What type of crusher is used for the daily output of 500 cubic stone block?

The above-mentioned types are only those that can meet the daily output of 500 cubic stone crushers, but which ones can also meet the finished product 200-500mm?
1. Jaw crusher: PE1200*1500

The production capacity is 400-800t/h, which can reach a daily output of 500 cubic meters. It is mainly used for crushing various large stones. The crushing ratio is large and the output adjustment range is between 150-350mm. The disadvantage of adjustment is that the grain shape is relatively broken.

2. Impact crusher: PF1820

The production capacity is 300-800t/h. This impact stone crusher is recommended. The output can meet the requirements of the finished product of 200-500mm. At the same time, it has good shaping effect and controllable stone powder content. It is mainly used for compressive strength below 350 MPa The following materials, the finished product is in the shape of a cube, which is very useful, and the impact stone crusher is cheap and stable.

3. Heavy hammer crusher: PCZ1716

The production capacity is 500-850t/h, which is an upgraded version of the small hammer crusher. The larger feed size is 1000mm, the output size is automatically controlled, and the finished product has good grain shape and less stone powder, mainly used for compressive strength below 200 MPa stones, such as limestone, bluestone, etc.