Can broken river pebbles be broken without jaws?

River pebble is a kind of natural stone, a kind of raw stone commonly used in sandstone factories. After crushing, it can be used as construction aggregate. River pebble is harder. What equipment is better for crushing? In the past, we often used jaw crushers as the initial process of breaking river pebbles. Recently, a user asked "Is it possible to break river pebbles without using jaw crushers?" This article will start to answer this question.

Can broken river pebbles be broken without jaws? why?

The equipment used for crushing river pebbles depends on the user's requirements for the particle size and grade of the finished product. Jaw crusher is a coarse crushing equipment with a relatively large inlet, up to 1500mm, strong crushing force, suitable for processing river pebbles with greater hardness, except Jaw crusher and cone crusher are also equipment that can process hard materials and have a good crushing effect on river pebbles, but cone crusher is a secondary crushing device with a small feed size, and how to use it depends on the situation.

If your river pebbles are large in size and out of specifications, and the finished product wants to be less than 50mm, you must use jaw crushers to crush the bulk materials below 350mm, and then use medium and fine crushing equipment (such as cone crushers) for second crushing. The material processed by the jaw crusher is crushed again to below 50mm to reach the particle size required by the user. However, in the whole process, if there is no jaw crusher, the cone crusher cannot directly process the larger-grained river pebbles into the finished product at once. , Because the feed size of cone crusher is 300-560mm.

Conversely, if your river pebbles can meet the feed size of cone crusher, you don’t need to go through the process of jaw crushing. You can use the cone crusher to process it directly. Therefore, it is possible to crush river pebbles without jaw crushing. According to the actual situation, users who do not know can click to consult Dongmeng online customer service, and the crusher manufacturer can answer more professional knowledge for you!

What other crushers can be used to crush river pebbles?

The above mentioned broken river pebble jaw crusher and cone crusher are both good choices. These two models are also smarter new equipment in the market. The price may be a bit high for small gravel plants, but don’t worry, broken river pebble can still Use other crushers, such as roller crushers.

There are so many crushers on the market, why do you favor it alone? Earlier we said that the hardness of river pebbles is relatively large, and it is not easy to crush. If other equipment is used, the crushing effect can be achieved, but the wear on the machine is relatively large, the processed material is not very good, and the cost is too high, so it is economical. Affordable, it is better to choose the right roller breaker.

The roller crusher is suitable for the crushing of high-hardness materials. It has good crushing effect on river pebbles. The production capacity is 5-110t/h. It is suitable for fine crushing operations with a feed size of less than 80mm and a finished product size range of 50μm-20mm. A crusher that is very popular in small gravel plants.