What is the difference between cone crusher and counterattack crusher?

Cone crusher and counter-attack crusher are two important types of crushers in the mining machinery industry, both of which are secondary crushing equipment. How should we choose when we use them? What is the difference between cone crusher and counterattack crusher?

Comparison of the difference between cone crusher and counter crusher

1. Different output

Cone bankruptcy volume is high, the single machine output can reach 2181t/h, which is mostly used in large stone factories, and the counter-bankruptcy volume is 800t/h, which is more than that of small stone factories.

2. Different applicable materials

Cone crusher is suitable for various ores and rocks with high hardness, such as river pebbles; impact crusher can process soft materials with side length not exceeding 500mm and compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa. (Granite, limestone, concrete, etc.).

3. Different finished products

The cone crusher product has many needles and flakes. Although the particle size is not excellent, it can meet most of the sand standards. And the cone crusher has multiple series of discharge openings with a relatively large adjustment range; while the counterattack product has a good particle shape and less dust, which is suitable Building materials, construction, sand and gravel aggregates have strict requirements for stone materials.

4. Different construction principles

The cone crusher adopts laminated crushing, the rolling mortar wall moves to the crushing wall, squeezes the material, and is crushed. It has iron protection, low working noise, not easy to breakdown and shutdown, less equipment loss, and low cost in later use; and the counter-breaker uses Impact crushing, the material is repeatedly impacted between the blower and the impact plate for crushing, the equipment will be worn during the work process, and the subsequent maintenance costs are high.