Common faults and solutions of roller crusher

1. Blocking
Material blockage is inevitable in the production process of mining equipment. Many factors can cause material blockage. For example, the feedstock contains large blocks that cause blockage, and the slippage of the roller surface can also cause material accumulation. It is not terrible to have problems, but the focus is on how to solve them. When the material is clogged, different measures should be taken according to different clogging reasons. The amount of material can be adjusted and the bulk material can be controlled. If it is a roller problem, the roller skin should be repaired in the axial direction.
2. Noise in the coupling
During the operation of the roller crusher, noise may occur in the coupling. This may be due to serious wear of the bushing or coupling. At this time, the worn components need to be replaced.
3. Heating of roller bearing
There are many reasons for the overheating of the rollers of the roller crusher, such as misalignment of the bearing bush and the shaft, poor lubrication and poor scraping quality, etc. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the bearing bushes, re-lubricate, and perform the bushing for different reasons. Rebuild etc.
4. The motor trips
During the operation of the roller crusher, the motor tripping phenomenon also occurs from time to time. At this time, it may be that hard objects enter or the large material jam occurs. To solve this problem, the material must be eliminated.
5. Vibration during crusher operation.
Feeding is uneven or too large; the crushing cavity is heavy into non-crushed objects; the connecting bolts are loose; adjust the feeder to take out the non-crushed objects and tighten the bolts;
6. The transmission of the roller crusher changes a little, but the roller does not rotate
Long tooth gear is damaged; belt is too loose and slippery; bearing seal or bearing is damaged. Cleaning method: stop the machine to replace the long tooth gear; adjust the belt tension from the beginning; replace the bearing seal or bearing.
7. Uneven particle size after crushing
Uneven wear of the roller skin and uneven feeding deviation. Cleaning method: replace the roller skin (or use surfacing welding to make up), and adjust the blanking to evenly distribute.
8. The product granularity is too large. The spring end roller does not work
The gap between the rollers is large, the tension spring is damaged, and the movable bearing seat is stuck. The cleaning method: adjust the gap between the rollers, replace the tension spring, find the reason and clean it